more extensions to use with release 3

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With the new release of the free application suite, the use of extensions enhancing the capabilities of the suite is easier than ever.

As a matter of fact, the use of extensions is almost required in version 3.0 as the dictionaries and other linguistic aspects of the suite are handled via extensions. By default, you will go under the Tools menu, select the Extension manager and you will see a few (locked) extensions pre-installed.

openoffice extension manager

openoffice extension manager

The english, french and spanish language files are pre-installed and apparently locked in the version I downloaded from the servers (I assume these files are locked in other flavours of openoffice). I like to fiddle with my installation so I downloaded a series of tools/extensions. Here they are with few bits of information about each one:

1. Pagination. This extension adds a simple “insert page number” menu under Insert and facilitates the application of page numbers, styles etc. Perhaps its usefulness lies with its simplicity.

2. PDF Import. This extension allows users to import pdf files in openoffice Draw and complete simple editing (as images). Nothing fancy, but if you want to simple clean up a couple of things (typos etc) and sources are not available, this extension may do the trick.

3. Template Pack by Sun. This is an English language version, although there are packages for other languages, including french, italian etc. It allows for the creation of specialized and professionally looking files, documents, letters, presentations etc.

4. Report Builder also by Sun. This extension provides tools for customized reports drawn from the database files.

5. Writer tools. This extension creates a separate Writer’s Tools top-level menu (next to the native Tools menu) and offers various tools and tips for writers using’s writer. Very nifty!!!

6. Writer to LaTeX. This extension takes a writer (odt) file and transforms it into the proper LaTeX file to be typeset by the finest typesetting system available (LaTeX of course).

It also offers an additional extension to translate the writer file to xHTML files.

Finally, the last extension of the list is the Greek hyphenation/thesaurus/spelling dictionary file (it’s all Greek to you, I know 🙂 ).

What I also like is the update button which allows for periodic checkups and updates for each and every extension. Some extensions require you to scroll through their license agreement, but that’s acceptable, I guess.

Do you have any extensions that you use and you recommend? Post a comment


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Useful additions to suite


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The following links may be useful to the many users of, the free, open source Office Productivity Suite. To say more about the suite itself would be an exercise in futility. I urge interested readers to visit and to explore the huge openoffice site to find out more about

One of my favorite places for stuff is the following: Lingucomponent. This is where you can download several dictionary, hyphenation and thesaurus files for several languages. Another such interesting site is this one with extensions to improve the functionality of the suite.

To install these extensions (which come as single .oxt files), we open OpenOffice, select the Tools menu, then select Extension Manager (see image below).

We will get a new window showing two entries: MyExtentions and Extensions. The important button is the Add which allows to import the extension of our choice into the system.

Here is a brief list of extensions I have already installed from the site:

  1. pagination does what its name implies; it provides several methods for inputing page numbers by adding an extra entry under the Insert menu.
  2. Set of templates for various purposes. According to the site, “… each template makes creating personalised and individual documents a breeze with built-in images and text styles”.
  3. Writertools. I have written in the past about this extension. Here is another site for the same extension. The extension adds a new menu (next to the original Tools menu) and adds to the functionality of OpenOffice extensively.

While talking about extending the abilities of, it is important to mention that according to SUN, there will developmental builds for amd64 platforms starting very soon. Head over to GullFOSS for more information and news about openoffice.

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