Columbine: 10 years later

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Update: A comment by a reader of the daily blah blah and a post by security expert Bruce Schneier that anyone should read. I believe that they present the same point: no matter what security measures schools take, in the end it is the school community that will solve the problem of violence./Update

Today (April 20th) marks the 10th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre. Twelve innocent students, one teacher were killed, more than 20 were injured by two heavily armed Columbine students (before the pair shot themselves) in what became the worst school-based crime in the United States. Since then, more school-based mass killings have occured, and the BBC has an interesting (though outdated) chronology of events.

Most news outlets have carried reports and memorials for the tragic events. A partial (and incomplete) list follows:

Ten years later, the question remains unanswered: “How do you prevent such an event from happening?” In an earlier posting, I had suggested that the answer may lie in both the home and the school, both functioning/working together, side by side for the benefit and welfare of the children and the greater school community, but even this bonding may not be enough in socially turbulent times.

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