WordPress app for iphone

I was a bit quick with my tapping the iPhone and the post was published without text. Oops!!

Time for me to flog myself and repeat:

I will be more careful when I post.
I will be more careful when I post.
I will be more …


too much spam

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I have seen an increase in spam comments recently that is almost unprecedented. I have been inundated by “xqwefasd sdfiewprsadf dafasfd” one-line comments which appear in specific posts in this blog (basically, the most popular posts). Although akismet does an outstanding job of killing these comments, some do make it through and appear, even temporarily, as comments before I zap them.

Do you know of any good antispam method in addition to the akismet filter? Please let me know.


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blog update

After a long period of inactivity, we are back in force with some changes, cosmetic and content-related ones.

First, a new look for this blog.  The 3-column digg-like seems better than the more austere two-column (one sidebar) contempt used before.  The picture above is from the town of Kalamata and was taken in late April 2008.

Second, there is an addition to the permanent pages of this blog.  Using the tab labeled docx/xlsx above you can get a quick link to previous posts about how to deal with docx/xlsx files in openoffice.org or earlier versions of MS Office.

Third, a generous re-organization of the content presentation in the hopes of making this blog more accessible and easier to navigate.

Please let me know what else you’d like to see.


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happy birthday

Happy birthday to the daily blah blah.

Four years ago today in the friendly pages of blogger.com, this blog saw the light (of the day? of the internet? is there light in the internet?) Link to the first post on the blogspot platform.  Later on, the blog moved to the even friendlier pages of wordpress.com where it still lives and grows.  Link to the actual first post on wordpress about (what else?) a moleskine journal.

It started as a place for daily rants and raves (although the posts came not so regularly). Lately, it has started to deal with issues around open source and free software, the on-going struggle between docx, odf, ms office 2007 and openoffice, moleskine journals, fountain pens and other things that make you say “hmmm…” as the banner suggests.

Well, hats off to the daily blah blah and watch out for more postings coming really soon!


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wordpress supreme

When I decided to take the plunge and switch this blog from blogger to wordpress, I heard the argument (actually, I read it somewhere 🙂 ) that wordpress was the porsche of blog platforms. WordPress simply offered more choices and greater customization than blogger could offer to their respective users. Of course, the wordpress.com hosted blogs have some limitations in the plugins and widgets available, but that is understandable, although the ability to add some javascript would have been extremely nice 🙂 In the process, I transfered and the anemologio blog to the same wordpress platfom.

The real power of wordpress shows when you host your own blog somewhere else, on a separate server. I tried such approach and this is the result: open words, a new blog, a testing ground for various plugins. I like the process of downloading, unpacking, activating and then customizing the plugin. What seems still difficult for me is to find where to modify the settings and create just what I want. However, I believe the results really justify the characterization of porsche. More, simply by getting involved in setting up and maintaining a blog, you get a better picture of the social and personal potential of this new platform of communication.

Keep blogging then and pay a visit to open words (and don’t forget to complete the poll).


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