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<Update> Soon after I hit the PUBLISH button, I received via email, the newsletter, with an extensive list of related blogs.</Update>

Although there is an abundance of information available at the official site regarding the usability and how to make, the free open productivity suite, work better for your needs, there are hidden treasures of information, tricks, and tips all over the place waiting to be discovered.  Here are some, in no particular order of importance or significance.

The site.
The trick here is to look for the tags you (or somebody else) assign to a post they publish in a blog.  Be as imaginative and creative as possible.  Use combinations of words.  For example, office, open, xml, lead to this page, while open, office, xml lead to this different page. Try other languages, too, and see where the hunt takes you  (if you are versed in that particular language).  For example, the same tags in german will lead you to another page, altogether.

The site
Try the site for openoffice guides and white papers.  After all, they are one of the largest contributors to and they still hold the license for staroffice, the suite that started all once upon a time.  Note that to retrieve white papers and guides you may have to register with a username and a valid email address.  The following two links are interesting:
Migrating from MS Office to or StarOffice,
Creating large documents with writer

Other blogs (of course)!!!!
Try some or all of the following (I am not affiliated with them, nor do I know their owners/editors etc.  I simply read them occasionally). engineering at sun.
Tips and training for
The lifehacker page and its openoffice tips.

Finally, something that I also found while searching around:
1) Open a new spreadsheet in Calc
2) Type the following in any cell
enjoy the openoffice version of space invaders.

For more easter eggs, … well, just look around 🙂


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