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First, I must say that the following list of iphone apps may not appeal to everyone, but that is to be expected. Second, they are all free apps (as in free beer, $0.00 cost), since there are enough free gems floating around. Of course, there are enhanced for-fee versions etc, but I don’t see myself buying them.

iphone apps

iphone apps

The apps I use the most are (in no particular order): (a) Zenbe lists, (b) twitterific, (c) IM+, (d) Speedtest, and (e) netnewswire.  Not that I don’t like or don’t use my other apps (especially, shazam, evernote, facebook, linkedin or maps), but the five apps I mentioned earlier are my top-tier apps.

I like zenbe lists because the iphone app synchronizes with the zenbe lists server over wifi or 3G and I can update my things to do (separated by context) at any time.  The same is true for netnewswire which also syncs with my unread subscriptions.

Twitterific offers twitter on the go, which is always nice and is available here at the App Store.  Speedtest is a nice app which helps you estimate the speed of whatever network you are connected at the time.  I use it when I am at a low speed wireless network and to verify my home wifi speed.

Finally, IM+ is a nice all-in-one instant messenger for connecting to almost all the IM services you need (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk etc).

I run these apps either over the Vodafone 3G network or via wifi when there is one available.  They run fast, they do the job and keep me connected and in touch.


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