how I saved my p550 pda

Until the new iphone 3G
that the Steve announced the other day become available, I use this small but comfy Mio P550 Pocket PC for my pda/gps needs ­čÖé (I am a needy person, I know).

mio p550 It’s very functional, and above all, it does exactly what I want a pda to do. Plus it offers GPS capabilities, so whenever I travel to some other town, I don’t have to follow weird instructions, like: “go straight, and after so many miles, turn left at the ugly looking house, then left at the even uglier house…”

However, it had a little problem which I didn’t find in the reviews but I discovered it in the process. Out of the blue and without me requesting it, ActiveSync would start and seek the sync source so the pda’s battery was drained. After a while, the only way to turn it on was via the hard reset switch which meant re-adjusting the date and so on. And in my case, this happened even when the battery was around the 50% mark.

While googling for the problem, I found similar complaints in other forums. A neat solution was found at this total pda forum and involved the deactivation of the auto activesync feature. There are instructions on how to do it. An update for some other battery power troubles is also available via more formal channels. Now, it’s been more than 2 days the pda is still standby/on, has not lost much power and I have found some peace of mind.

By the way, a neat utility is the Magic Button available from Upon installation, it adds a special button on the pda screen to list all active/inactive apps which you can terminate at will in order to save some more power.



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