new mac update

As I wrote in my other blog, I bought a Macbook for my work.

Although I had worked in the past with PowerPC boxes and even older Macs (that was in grad school), this would have been my first “new generation” mac product. Sporting Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, albeit the Greek version (you can go ahead and say “it’s all greek to you”, that’s ok), the Macbook (black on the outside) is a very lightweight laptop, has an impressive life battery (that is probably one of my major concerns); it is durable, I can work with both native and X11 apps. Talking about apps, my main work applications include:

  1. Openoffice (I have downloaded the NeoOffice version),
  2. R available at my nearest CRAN site,
  3. Emacs,
  4. TeX/LaTeX,
  5. plus the regular combo of firefox, thunderbird, gpg.

BTW, the Mozilla folks are organizing a download day (that would be the day when they ask everyone to download a copy of firefox so they can be go into the Guinness book of records).

Going back to the Macbook. Yesterday, I aslo downloaded the latest updates from Apple. The process was painless and lasted less than twenty minutes. I was pleasantly surprised when the OS asked me to plug the power cord for the macbook just in case I ran out of juice 🙂

In all a very positive experience, so positive, that I have even changed my ubuntu desktop look to look like a macbook (shame on me, I know!!!).


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