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The following links may be useful to the many users of, the free, open source Office Productivity Suite. To say more about the suite itself would be an exercise in futility. I urge interested readers to visit and to explore the huge openoffice site to find out more about

One of my favorite places for stuff is the following: Lingucomponent. This is where you can download several dictionary, hyphenation and thesaurus files for several languages. Another such interesting site is this one with extensions to improve the functionality of the suite.

To install these extensions (which come as single .oxt files), we open OpenOffice, select the Tools menu, then select Extension Manager (see image below).

We will get a new window showing two entries: MyExtentions and Extensions. The important button is the Add which allows to import the extension of our choice into the system.

Here is a brief list of extensions I have already installed from the site:

  1. pagination does what its name implies; it provides several methods for inputing page numbers by adding an extra entry under the Insert menu.
  2. Set of templates for various purposes. According to the site, “… each template makes creating personalised and individual documents a breeze with built-in images and text styles”.
  3. Writertools. I have written in the past about this extension. Here is another site for the same extension. The extension adds a new menu (next to the original Tools menu) and adds to the functionality of OpenOffice extensively.

While talking about extending the abilities of, it is important to mention that according to SUN, there will developmental builds for amd64 platforms starting very soon. Head over to GullFOSS for more information and news about openoffice.

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