Moleskine-like journal

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I was out shopping at my local computer shop when I spotted this moleskine-like hardcover journal.

To the uninitiated, it may look like a moleskine.  After all, it has the elastic band, the bookmark ribbon, even the backpocket (as you can see from the photos).

Of course, the color is off and the feel of the paper is nothing like that of a moleskine.  And did I mention that lack of plastic shrinkwrap?  Some more clues about its true identity appear in the back.

Rachael Hale is the name and a visit to that particular site reveals a variety of pretty looking animals and other assorted journals, stationery, gifts, cards etc.  Still, I went ahead and bought it as it was ridiculously cheap for around 3 euros (as compared to the 15+ euros for a regular moleskine hardcover notebook.


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6 thoughts on “Moleskine-like journal

  1. indeed! cheap, average quality (especially the paper, not so the cover), but good looking face on the cover! 🙂



  2. Keep in mind that it *is* a real moleskine. It just isn’t a Moleskine brand moleskine. The word “moleskine” refers to the type of notebook, and one particular company sells them under the trademark “Moleskine”. They also sell notebooks under the name “cahier”, which is just the French word for… well… “notebook”.

    So this notebook you have? It is a perfectly authentic moleskine.

  3. @Evan:
    Indeed, it is a moleskine, but not a Moleskine brand by modo e modo. What a difference can a letter (“M” or “m”) make?

    Besides it being Moleskine-like or moleskine-like notebook/journal/cahier, the answer to your question is that I did get it, although I have not used it yet. When I buy my cahiers I usually brand them with my name and initials even though I may use them later. I have the notebook in the pictures which is similar to the pocket notebook with hard cover made by the modo e modo company (the real Moleskine) 🙂

    Apparently, there are other sizes: the large notebook and a mini pocket one.


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