from the old to the new while riding the train

While almost everyone I know was resting on Christmas day after a hearty meal, I took a brief excursion from Kalamata to Zevgolatio. On the way back, I shot some pretty pictures and I plan to write more about them in future posts. For the time being, here is a preview of things to come:

I tried to keep an eye on the track and the surround scenery, but the bombardier railbus cockpit is pretty fascinating when compared to older pilot cabins ­čÖé

Just outside Kalamata, passing by the local yard/repair shop, a picture of three generations of Greek trains:

from right to left:
1) the older AK 640.02 De Dietrich which carried the bulk of passenger traffic in the Peloponnese for more than 30 years since the 50s.
2) IC Man 6502. In addition to the red-white coloring scheme, 6502 is covered with graffiti.
3) Railbus bombardier (no numbering visible) in the far left.

A little bit further two more veterans of the rail network:

Esslingen Ferrostahl slowly dying with 3 Mitsubishi locos used for switching and brief journeys locally.

More pictures and a detailed log will appear shortly.


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