new picasa for linux

The most recent word from the friendly folks at google is the new picasa 2.7 preview for linux. This version includes things that the 2.5 version did not. My preferred ones are: better raw support, better import capabilities and picasaweb album uploads.

Also noted this version (albeit a preview one) is available as a .deb file for those of us who live in the amd64 universe. In past postings from this blog, I had mentioned how I was able to install the .deb archive for the x86 architecture. It worked just fine, mind you, but it is always nice when a 64-bit version is available.

My two gripes so far are these:
1) I still cannot post an image and type some text in any other language but english (the usual ALT+SHIFT combo for switching between languages does not work).
2) Picasa will upload an image and create a post in blogger only 😦

This is a recent image taken from inside my car. I have been following this IC train since it left Patras station and was waiting for it to cross the Papaflessa Street junction. In the back, you can see St. Andrew’s cathedral dome. Photo taken with a d80 with 18-135 mm lens.


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