shopping spree

I gave myself an early Christmas gift the other day. A bunch of new moleskines to keep me going. You can see them all in this picture:

Pictured, two large ruled notebooks (one with soft, the other with hard cover), a pocket, ruled notebook (soft cover),
a weekly planner (hard cover). Also, as a bonus 🙂 I bought a Lamy studio fountain pen in black matte with an F nib.
I was missing this brand from my little collection, so I bought it as soon as I saw it—impulsive buyer, he he 🙂

More pictures of past (used and abused) and new moleskines and fountain pens in this album:


It’s gonna be a very nice Christmas!


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2 thoughts on “shopping spree

  1. @leigh
    Thanks for the comment. I can understand the anticipation to open the new moleskine. I feel the same. I couldn’t resist and have already opened one of the larger ruled notebooks, though. You have a fine selection of pens in your blog. Keep on writing!


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