antivirus choices in open source

To put it simply: There are not as many virii (or viruses ?) in Linux as there are in the Windows world. Any Linux user knows this and can boast freely to his/her friend who’s stuck with Windows. Add to this the availability of clamav, an excellent, open source product for anti virus protection to complement the picture. Personally, I have been using clamav for several years now (both in my x86 and amd64 boxes, and I am a very happy customer).

Today, though, I read some even better news about the availability of another excellent product, AVG, for Linux boxes. The posting in tells all about how to install AVG in Ubuntu if you want to try this product, too.

I am pleased to report that these excellent instructions apply to older Debian-based distributions, like my 6.06 LTS ubuntu. More, you can find instructions and installation files for other distributions if you follow the link. I can now say that the deb archive, although it is for 386 boxes can be installed in amd64 boxes, successfully with the magic of the –force-architecture flag, a nifty trick which I have written about in the past and have used it to install wine and acrobat on my amd64 box.

Download the avg file, install it, run it and have peace of mind (and a virus/worm/trojan -free) workstation.


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