If you use OpenOffice Writer a lot then you may find writertools very helpful. Writertools are a set of extensions for the Writer part of OpenOffice.org.  Released under GPL 2.0, they add another menu, appropriately named Writer’s Tools, between the original Tools and Window menus (photo below).

You may have to trick writer tools a little bit in order to set up the internal database for words writertools use, but the instructions are all there under the wiki tab of the page and the extensive User Guide Notes.
Of course, writer tools work in both MS and linux boxes.

In addition to the google code address, there is also a writer for writers blog for this set of tools which also contains some gems for openoffice. Dmitri Popov, the creator of the blog and the writer tools is also the author of this book: Writer for Writers and Advanced Users which is published using lulu, the self-publishing platform.

It may be worth to try them out and see for yourself how to spice up writer in OpenOffice.




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