picasa revisited

This blog has a couple of picasa related items which you can read again to refresh your memory and admire at the pictures. The focus of these postings was on picasa for linux and how you can set up picasa even on amd64 box (the linux versions are only for x86 boxes).

Together, picasa and picasa web albums (it comes as part of your google account) offer a great combo for sharing pictures with the rest of the world or at least a part of it.  It can create flash animations that you can upload and embed to your blog and website, unless your blog is hosted by wordpress.com, in which case … hasta la vista, baby.  Sorry folks, you ran out of luck.  Of course, there is a Flickr widget which works just fine, but it is not picasa.  Strange, considering that there are several picasaweb related plugins available.  The catch? You must have your blog hosted privately. 

Check this item and the sidebar from this blog.  It is a test blog for various bits and pieces of code I like to experiment with.  And for the rest of this blog readers, here is a photo from picasaweb:

The trainstation at Bralos



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