moleskine pictures

As promised in the previous posting, here are some photos of the moleskines I use now: a pocket diary and a pocket notebook.

As you can see, the diary on the left is in a much better condition than the notebook on the right. Also notice the little chip on the lower right corner of the notebook cover (which I cover with blue ink in a moment of un-creative frenzy), the start of the break on the spine (lower left corner of the notebook) and some of the junk that overflows from its pages. I actually took the little phonebook insert from the planner and stuffed it in the notebook. Here is a better picture, sort of.

You can see the phonebok protruding from the back of the notebok, my blurred scribblings and post-it notes and the mandatory page-numbering in the upper right corner. After almost a year of intensive note-keeping, carrying and tossing around in pockets (I prefer the inside pocket of a jacket), it’s still functioning 🙂


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