is it or is it not?

If you follow internet arguments closely, you know about big debates and fights:

Emacs vs. vi, Firefox vs. Internet Explorer and so on.

In a brand new wordpress blog titled black cover, the authors set out their goal as the search for the perfect little black notebook. Of course, this can only mean one thing: a moleskine notebook, the beloved fetish and daily little thing for note-taking, writing, scribbling, sketching and much, much more.

The argument is that recent moleskine products seem to be of a lesser quality; spines break easily, elastic bands get loose, so the user does not get his money worth. Also, its size (the pocketbook moleskine variety) may not fit very well in the back pocket and, thus, make it difficult to carry around (although one may consider carrying it in the inside pocket of a jacket 🙂 perhaps).

Although, I sympathize with the poster and his struggle to find a better alternative, I have to say (and I am not a moleskine rep) that I have used moleskine notebooks for the last couple of years (used and abused is better) and they don’t seem to suffer any of the breaks and warps reported. It has lost some of its cleanness and has turned oily around the edges from the use and throwing around but it keeps doing its job most adequately. And yes, I agree with the poster: it is still the strongest contender on the market.

Coming up, pictures of the old moleskine notebook and the much less used daily planner.


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