page numbering trick in openoffice

Here is a quick way to place the number of the page in a different position in the header or footer of the page. Say, we want to have the page number in the footer and on the right side of the page for odd-numbered pages and on the left side of the page for even numbered pages, much like the picture above.

Unlike word where you select the location of the page number in the page setup menu, here you have to follow a more indirect, yet more appropriate, way. You have to setup the proper page style. If you come not from a wysiwyg background (for example, I write extensively in LaTeX and have become accustomed to setting up my page parameters before putting a letter in the page) this should be very easy.

Any way, the key is this:
0) Press F11, or select “Styles and Formatting” under the Format Menu
1) A small window pops up displaying all the available styles. The Page styles are under the fourth icon from the left on the top-left menu.
2) Select the right page style, and right click to modify it.
3) set up a style for the right page (that is page #1).
4) set up a style for the left page (page #2).
5) Activate header and footer for both styles.
6) VERY IMPORTANT, make sure that the next page style is that of the opposite page. You set that up in the Organizer tab as you can see in the following image.
7) Return to the document and double-click on the right-page style to apply it to the page you want.
8) Go to the header or the footer of the right page and place the page number where you want it.
9) Do the same for the next page: apply the left page style (if you applied the right page style before). Place the number where you want it.
10) Done. The third page will automatically inherit the R-L format and display the number accordingly.

The same should also apply to the left page style: the next style is the right-page style and vice versa. That way, the next page counter increases by one and is placed in the spot you want it to be.

Mind you, I didn’t make up this tip, I did not write any macro code. It is all documented in the online help manual, accessible when you press the F1 key ­čÖé

Now return to your word processing and start writing properly formatted papers.


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