Swiftfox saga

One of the most solid open projects is, in my opinion, the entire Mozilla family (I include mozilla, firefox, thunderbird and all the others) which can be found here.

I have been a happy and satisfied user of mozilla’s suite, although lately, I have found that firefox and thunderbird cover my needs better. However, the past 48 hours I am experimenting with swiftfox, a lite version (could we say this?) of firefox. Fast, agile, doesn’t get stuck. The perception the user gets is pure firefox, but it is a faster deal than the rest. Yes, for the purists, it does not render well the acid2 test (but with the exception of Konqueror, I don’t know a browser that does).

The version in the image above is the latest for amd64 processors. It came with all the bell and whistles (thanks to automatix). That meant that I had java, and mplayer and flash, which I could not have before without having a firefox for 32 and a regular firefox for 64.

Bottom line, I like it and I will keep on using it.



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