Writing as it was meant to be.

Most recent postings in this blog focus on ubuntu and other linux-related issues. In addition, most of the visitors come here via google searching for (among other things): windows emulation, acrobat 7.0, picasa on an amd64 box. My use and admiration of open source software are well known. I like open source, I use open source, I publicly speak about open source. However, this posting has a rather different tone since it’s not written to cover some technical detail. It covers writing. Not the science of writing, but (perhaps) the art of writing.

The art of putting thoughts and ideas on paper. The idea behind this posting came from these comments I posted on notebookism.com, a site devoted to those who …share a pleasant affliction – the urge to create on paper. I even earned 6 lovely notebook pins just like the button displayed on the left sidebar.

Yes, I keep a moleskine diary. Yes I have a filofax (I also had a franklin/covey planner in the past) for my daily stuff. But the moleskine and the necessary fine writing instrument (in this case the trusted Parker 45 fountain pen, of course, are for a different kind of writing: deeply personal, perhaps private, even esoteric. And I believe I am in the company of many others who share this passion/desire/affliction to create beautiful passages, small or large.

Nothing can compare to the smell of ink, the sense of it on your fingers, the melting of paper and pen, the flowing of ink just like of river of letters, one after the other. Yes, there is something beautiful in writing.

Keep on writing.



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