Visiting the visitors

I often look into the statistics of this blog for two reasons. First, I like to know where the readers come from (location). Second, what’s their source of info about this site (how did they make it here?).

Apparently, ubuntu is a major source of attraction for this blog and there are several hits from google (and its various global sites:, google GR, google UK, google Canada, Google Australia to mention a few).

What can I say? I like this distribution, and I highly recommend it, despite some negative publicity and the f*ups that occured during installation.

I also like to visit people who come here from their blog (most likely, by pressing the next blog button in the upper right corner). Here is a not-even-near-in-being-complete list of blogs (and bloggers visiting here):

Of course, I have no idea nor opinion about the contents, views, opinions of these sites. A detailed summary of locations, cities, countries, operating systems, and browsers will be coming shorting.



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