Acrobat 7.0 in ubuntu 6.06 amd64

In the following thread about programs that do not work/are not available under Dapper Drake 64-bit edition – Ubuntu Forums you can find a wonderful gem in the –force-architecture flag.

Use the command:
$ dpkg -i –force-architecture some_archive_for_i386_deb

and install files that are not yet available for amd64. I did and installed Adobe’s Acrobat Reader 7.0, although the kpdf (or evince if you like) apps work fine. During the installation process, it will complain and warn you that the architecture of the deb archive and that of your system do not match, but it will not stop. If you start it from the shell with the “acroread” command, it may give you some warnings, which are invisible if you select the application from the K menu. It works fine, all the bells and whistles (thumbnails, document properties etc.).

The image to the left shows part of my desktop. The background is pure Greece, while visiting the rocky Monemvasia.

The article in the Acrobat Reader window is a paper of mine on multicultural issues in Greek schools.

Unfortunately, somewhere in the transcription process a perfectly-written abstract (in Greek) was hacked and came out almost nonsensical.


Update on 2006-Aug-06:
Well, it’s all fixed now. Most like the ubuntu wizzard(s) did their magic. Proof in the image below:

Update on 2006-Aug-05:
Apparently, something is not working properly in my setup. Although I have tried numerous de-installs and re-installs, I get the following, unsat result: No menus, no letters at all, simply boxes. Check for yourself. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.


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