Ubuntu 6.06 Is Current Desktop Linux Champ – Yahoo! News

Ubuntu 6.06 Is Current Desktop Linux Champ – Yahoo! News

And indeed, it is my choice of desktop. Although the past postings have been “yes, but”, “it works now, it does not work in 10 minutes”, all these mishaps should be attributed to hardware, rather than software problems and incompatibilities.

Take for example, my earlier posting on the troubles I had when upgrading (or installing) from breezy to dapper. To recap, the trouble was that the driver for the ati card was not picked up properly from the system upon boot and I was stuck in a blue-ish screen of death when starting kubuntu. I spent more time than I want to remember, trying to work the ins and outs of xorg.conf, the vesa driver etc. In the end, I went and bought an NVIDIA card.

Whammm!!!! That was it. Install, customization, setup went smoothly like never before even with ubuntu standards. Now, I don’t want to get into any flame-wars about nvidia v. ati. I don’t care about it. I just want to do my work, for which either card is more than perfect.

Moral of the story: Keep in mind that some parts may be more suitable than others when building a linux box. Another classic example of this is the incompatibility of various scanner models to work with linux. It pains me when I see my hp 3530 flatbed sitting idle and waiting for a windows box to work. Of course, had I known when I bought it, I would have bought another model, but … c’est la vie.




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