Gnomebaker saga!

The Gnome project’s cdrecording application is a nifty little thing called gnomebaker. Nice little app, looks like a lot like k3b (or k3b looks like gnomebaker a lot—depending on your choice of platforms).

As advertised, it can read various lossy and lossless formats, including ogg, mp3 flac etc. However, as I discovered to my dismay, it cannot create audio records from ogg files. Well, to be truthful here, at last I could not make gnomebaker to create these audio cds. Gnomebaker kept telling me that the plugin to handle ogg vorbis was not installed.

A search through the usual channels: ubuntu forums, and google did not help a lot. Now, via apt-get all gstreamer0.10 plugins/addons etc had been installed. Howver, gnomebaker wanted gstreamer0.8 not 0.10. Ahhh, those little details. How one (especially, the new windoze kid who wants to try this new linux thing) is to assume that gstreamer0.8 works but the newer version gstreamer0.10 does not work? Is the 0.8 version fuller than the newer 0.10 one? And why would he want to work with this app or this project or this os if he cannot do what he has come to expect from the application.



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