What is Linux?

I like reading the news. I do. You can say I am a news junkie. Not only politics, but technews, sportnews, science, you name it, I read it. My blogroll is full of tech related feeds. So I was surprised to read the following piece about SCO:
SCO To Unix Developers: We Want You Back – Yahoo! News.

What surprised me, however, was not the news but this little piece: “…Linux is an open-source version of Unix designed for Intel chips.”

Now, I am a Linux user for several years, and a Unix user prior to them. Nobody has ever suggested that Linux is an open source of Unix for Intel chips.

How about those distros for the Macs? And the Alphas? And the computer clusters running special versions of Linux? And how about the for-pay distros? And the companies that sell them?
Am I wrong? Maybe it’s the heat? The World Cup in Germany? Who knows!!!

One thing I know for sure is that Linux is Linux, a free-as-in-speech OS for multiple chips and platforms, years ahead of its competitors in terms of security, safety, choice of applications and stability.



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