Dapper snafu

Having some time to spend, I decided to upgrade my old home box to the newer ubuntu 6.06 lts (aka dapper drake). I have been a happy ubuntu user for some time now and I really feel that ubuntu is a wonderful collective effort.

My setup is rather old but trustworthy. It installed the 5.04 distro painlessly, and
So, having downloaded the alternate cd image for i386 I followed carefully the instructions on the wiki. I edited the sources list, added the cdrom as a source and waited for ninety minutes while apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade automagically turned breezy into dapper.

I noticed that dapper had removed several applications that I had installed, such as kate and openoffice. Funny thing is that it had removed its own openoffice, not the one I had installed in /opt. After the reboot, I was in familiar territory; the desktop was the same (I use openbox as my file manager), the settings seemed the same.

The trouble started with xmms and openoffice. I was told that the card was not configured. Apparently, the card (Ensoniq 1371) was nowhere to be found. Openoffice saw the printer but cups could not see the usb-attached hp laserjet1200. More troubles with the usb stick which was not automounted and the system did not want to mount via “sudo mount …”

I read more threads in ubuntu forums than I care to remember. Especially, the forum on upgrade is very helpful. As far as the printer trouble, I am more than upset. CUPS cannot see it as a local printer. This must be the most common ps printer available.

Xmms found the sound card just briefly, but upon restart it responded: “@#!$%!@#%!@#$%!@#$!@$#”. You don’t want to know my response. Apparently, some users were successful in installing alsa manually. Maybe, this is what it must be done in my situation as well.

Luckily, things that I compile myself and had already installed in their respective directories were not touched (or so I think, at least). The way it looks right now, I have more seek-and-fix hours ahead.

Will keep you posted.


UPDATE: After two unsuccessful attempts to install ubuntu-desktop and then kubuntu-desktop on top of a mangled 6.06 LTS upgrade, I took the plunge and reinstalled everything from the beginning. Now everything works fine. I will elaborate more in another posting.


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