Dapper rulez!

Yes, I know just a few hours ago I was complaining about the work I had to do in setting up dapper drake 6.06 LTS. I am happy to say that everything works fine now.

My box (where I am blogging this posting) is an old but reliable one:
QDI 9 mobo,
PIII @ 800 MHz
256 MB RAM
2×40 GB disks
Audio Ensoniq 1371 (rather old)

The box has been working fine running in the past various flavors of Mandrake (from vers. 8 up to 10.2), but more recently Ubuntu was the choice (ubuntu 5.04, 5.10, and now 6.06). Initially, I had set up a basic ubuntu/gnome desktop (under 5.04). Later, I had to add some kde utilies (primarily kate—and all the baggage that came with it). I also chose openbox as my filemanager.

Because of the extensive customization, I thought an upgrade would be fine. But, as I wrote in the earlier posting, this was also the fault, apparently. The initial upgrade took about 90 minutes and caused—among others—the printer not to work (hp laserjet 1200), the soundcard not to be detected, various failures at boot time, and the automounting not to be available. Two attempts to first install ubuntu-desktop and then kubuntu-desktop did not help, either.

So, I went for the simpler road. Re-install ubuntu 6.06 from scratch. As a principle I have the /home partition in a separate mount point (and in this case in a separate disk), so personal data were not lost. The installation went smoothly, and everything was installed flawlessly. Now, I am looking at simply remaking my system as it was before, which means lots of installation (fonts, apps, etc).

It promises to be a long road ahead.



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