Monemvasia by picasa

On an amd64 box, no less 🙂

Since picasa was made available for linux i386 distros, I was one of the many who took advantage and installed it. I also found out that picasa works wonderfully even when running in a amd64 environment.

As I have outlined in an earlier posting, amd64 users could easily download the self-extracting bin installer available here and follow the well-known path to installation nirvana (the installer put picasa in /opt in my ubuntu box).

Were there any glitches? No. Picasa takes some time to start and locate all the photos in the directories, so in an older machine with limited memory resources, things will be definitely slower. Personally, I am more concerned that I cannot switch to another language when I blog (the keyboard combo ALT+SHIFT does not switch languages, unfortunately 😦 in my case), but I can live with that.

The photo above is from Monemvasia, off the east coast of Peloponnese, Greece. The photo was taken in mid july around 7pm. Very hot and extremely humid, despite being next to the open sea, but with a spectacular view of the old town below and the Aegean sea, all around.

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