Tuesday June Sixth

Or, since numbers are more elegant in detailing the unique points of our view(s), today’s date is 06/06/06. Tuesday, June 6th or the 6th of June or simply 06/06/06.

Unlike, an earlier posting in this blog which could have been interpreted differently based on one’s location on the globe and one’s reading of the calendar, Tuesday’s date is unequivocal. In the sixth year of the new millenium, the sixth day of the sixth month, simply put 06/06/06.

Of course, some might argue that another interesting date, 08/08/08 is just around the corner. For the uninitiated, while 666 is the number of the beast, as foretold in the Apocalypse, the number 888 is the number of the Lamb, or Jesus Christ.

In the meantime, and while I am sure there will be many more postings on the matter, I hope you will sincerely enjoy this image I fished out of the net somewhere (source unknown)… Either someone somewhere has a weird sense of humor or something is curiously wrong.

Your call,

PS. Yet another happy posting with picasa. Posted by Picasa


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