Picasa works on amd 64 as well!!!

A big, huge, monumental, thank you to the wonderful people at google who made picasa work for linux, too. I have been experimenting with picasa on my ubuntu box since yesterday. This morning, I am happy to say that Picasa works on my AMD64 box.

Here is how I did it: 1) I downloaded the self-extracting installer which says that it is for any x86 installation.

2) After the necessary chmod 755 *.bin (sorry, I never learnt the chmod a+x stuff), you simply execute the installer and it asks if it is ok to install picasa in the directory /opt/picasa. That’s fine with me.

Voila, picasa for amd64, too.

IKD Posted by Picasa

Update!!! Google has already made available rpm and deb files for both x32 and x64 platforms, so the above tricks is no longer necessary!!!

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10 thoughts on “Picasa works on amd 64 as well!!!

  1. @h2g2
    thanks for the comment. I have to update the posting re:picasa and add probably more information on the many options available for online posting and editing and sharing photos etc.


  2. what the fuck is wrong with you people none of the above instructions tell you how to get picasa for linux 64. How many times to i have to click through thses fucking blog things?

  3. temper, temper. The instructions, written in 2006, when the versions of picasa for linux were limited are still valid today. Moreover, google has several different versions of picasa available based on your architecture of choice amd64, 32-bit, rpm-based distro, deb-based distro, you name it. Simply download the one you like and follow the instructions.


  4. @Connor Bell

    I use Flickr a lot (here is the link to my flickr photos). I feel that Picasa has a lot of room for improvement for the time being.


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