Save the Internet : Support the Campaign

I was reading Wil Wheaton’s excellent blog this morning and came across this amazing posting about Net Neutrality Basically, a scheme to transform the entire internet into categories based on fees and moneys paid to and from players who have money. You have money, your site gets preferrential treatment. You don’t have money to pay, your site gets lost in the great internet highway.

As we speak, the bigg telecommunication corporations are trying to push legislation through the U.S. Congress. If approved, the visibility of a website on the internet may be controlled by how much the website owner can dole out. I believe that this development is of greater interest and does not affect only the sites/users in the US, rather it affects all of us. I would strongly urge everyone to display the following image as a sign of protest. Also, to write even briefly about this event. And if in the US, to contact their local representative and voice their disagreement.

The Internet is, probably, one of the largest learning tools. As an educator and information consumer, I often rely on information sources which may not be available to me here in my corner of the world. I don’t want to be excluded from various libraries, academic consortia, publishers, etc. because someone else has decided so without my consent.

Take action. Now is the time to keep the internet free and neutral



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