Risk Rating

A curious thing I noticed just a few minutes ago. The Netcraft antiphishing toolbar is a wonderful tool to use when visiting any kind of website. It rates every site and assigns a risk rating from 0 to … based on how legit or illegit that site is. Well, the toolbar is giving my yannishome site a risk rating of 7, in other words, it says it is up there with all those scam-artist sites that ask you to send some private information so you can cash in from some dead politicians/generals/bankers/officers (you name it). Curiously enough, an older site by geocities I was using got a rating of 2 (not so bad, eh?).

Has anyone else experienced something similar? Obviously the yannishome site is not important, some links about psych, writing, and a brief resume of mine, so really, no harm is done, but, … why spoil your image?


Update on Oct. 21.
I got an email (actually I got two separate emails, although, I think the second one was a semi-automatic response) from the people at necraft who suggested that the site was a new one and in due time the risk rating of 7 will decrease.

I guess if people start visiting the site, then maybe this will facilitate the process 😉
Who knows



One thought on “Risk Rating

  1. John,
    Looking at one of the older articles on YOUR blog made me think of the following articles by Bob Lewis. Generally, I find him provocative and thoughtful, and he writes very economically- his weekly newsletter is a very enjoyable read for me.

    The first article adds to Disraeli’s comment about statistics nicely. BTW, I suspect
    you may have noticed that most management and leadership books tend to be anecdotally driven. It’s one of the reasons I like Good to Great by Jim Collins- it’s so different.


    And the following on metrics is great.

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