Blogging from Xanthi

This is getting frustrating. This is the third attempt at starting this entry. Blogging from Xanthi, Greece, where the 25th annual anniversary conference of the TeX Users Group is meeting. The official site of the conference is here.

TeX dignitaries,TeXperts and TeXnicians from around the world are converging in this small town in the north of Greece. Barbara Beeton, sitting next to me at the data analysis lab of the Electrical Engineering Department of the Democritus University of Thrace, suggests that apart from TeXperts and TeXnicians there are TeXnocrats, too (Barbara is also making comments about my spelling, but I am going to disregard them for now).

The conference starts tomorrow and will last for 4 days. More on the conference (and hopefully, photos), tomorrow.


Update on Sep. 3, 2004.

As promised earlier, here are some unofficial photos of the conference. I believe Apostolos from the University of Thrace will have many more. Here is Apostolos, Dick Nickalls, Barbara Beeton, and one more Portuguese TeXie, whose name I cannot remember right now 😦



update on Sep. 16, 2004

More “official” photos this time from the TUG 2004 Conference. Courtesy of the Democritus University of Thrace and the local organisers and available from this URL.



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