10.0 – 9.1 = ?

Well, the obvious answer is 0.9 but the truth answer is much bigger. I would say closer to inf. And to be more specific, I am not talking about simple real number arithmetic. Rather, I am talking to the upgrade from version 9.1 of Mandrake to version 10.0 Here is the whole story.

After quite some time of heavy duty 9.1 use, I backed up several Gbytes of data and settings and installed Mandrake 10.0 on my main machine. This is a 3-yr-old Pentium III @ 800 MHz with 256 MB of RAM and 2 X 40 GB HDD. I installed Mdk 10.0 on the second drive, while the first one (which once upon a time had WinXP on two partitions), is now home to three additional partitions for Mdk 9.1, 9.2, and 10.0. I plan to use these three separate installs for building rpms and such.

Well, my first impression of the installation was one of surprise. I knew already that Mdk is very user friendly when it comes to installing, but Mdk 10 exceeded my expectations. Not only the hardware was installed properly, language settings, apps, fonts, the works. As an international user who needs fonts in encodings other than ISO-8859-1, I have to add fonts, encodings, configure the font server etc. But all was done easily and now the system works like a charm.

Even the building and installation of R-1.9.1 was completed flawlessly and I am a happy camper now.

Kudos to the entire Linux community, and kudos to Mandrakesoft for providing a steady and solid installation for linux users world wide.



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