turn that mobile phone off …

when you are in the theater.

If there is one thing that annoys me the most, this must be the sound and sight of a mobile phone ringing (or lighting or vibrating) in a theater. The other day, I was attending a wonderful performance by Deborah Myers with the Plucked Strings Orchestra of the City of Patras (more info here). Before the show started, the organizers asked for all cameras, mob phones to be switched off. Well, some “smart-ass” guy thought “hey, wouldn’t it be cool to take some pictures?” In an instant, two event staffers approached him and politely asked him to delete the pictures and shut his phone off.

That reminded me of something I read in zdet.com about a couple being pepper sprayed and arrested in St. Petersburg, FL while talking on the phone in a movie theater. Well, apparently, this odd couple were talking on their phones and after refusing to turn them off, they became aggressive and verbally abusing to the police officers who responded to the scene. The complete account is here: St. Petersburg, FL incident.

I don’t know if such extreme measures were appropriate, but it was about time somebody did something on behalf of all the movie goers and theater audiences who don’t appreciate being interrupted by mob phone ringtones, melodies, lights, vibra sounds etc.

What do you think?



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