stats, referrals, visitors …

and so on.

Way back in the ancient history days of the web, I had access to the raw logs of my webpage. Now, … well things are different. Though, yahoo did provide some stats, they were in summary form. There was no information about countries, IP addresses, browsers etc. Plus, yahoo had these annoying pop-up ads.

Change hosting site and moving to the good people at portland communications. Plenty of space. Now, what site-metering service to use? I started with extreme-tracking and it was great, but it only kept the last 20 or so visitors. No logs. No back ups (bad idea)… Moved over to stat counter. So far, great reports, graphics, logs (in cvs or xls format). Great, thus far. I am also experimenting with site meter, yet another service. I read about them this morning, as I was leafing through the O’Reilly book on blogging. I moved the blog to site meter, and I am keeping the rented site to stat counter. Just to check on things.

Of course, one might ask why I bother with all these? As if this page gets dozens of hits daily. No, this site doesn’t receive so many visitors. But, call me curious, weird, or whatever, I just want to know who’s knocking on my web-door, how they find the place, whether they like it or not. So, whether you are a new or a returning visitor, leave your name (or even assumed one) somewhere, drop a line and just say “hi”…

Ioannis, 20040731184000


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