Resist: Don’t Register

In a post at Boing Boing Cory Doctorow suggests ways to bypass the registration uglyness that certain sites throw upon the hapless reader. Further, there is a very nice util/plugin available here that will generate random userids/passwds for registration-mandatory sites, such as the NYTimes.

I tried it and I can tell you I will try it again and again. I have no grudge against registrations except I cannot remember all my combinations of userids/passwds. That would lead me to recycle a set of userid/passwd and some where along the line lose it with all the consequences that may come with such a loss. I have no problem clicking on a button, but I have no desire to enter a zillion details (that’s personal information, I might add) about jobs, employment, salaries etc.

Keep the web free. That was the original idea, that is still the idea. Keep news and information free. The alternative is … well, read Caleb Carr’s “Killing Time” and you will understand.

Ioannis, 20040721142000


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