It’s the Final Countdown … all over again!

In the overall spirit of euphoria blanketing the country only hours before the crucial semi-final soccer game against the national Czech team, it reminds me of the days of summer 1987.

Back then, the Greek national basketball team beat several major basketball powers to claim its first European Title. France, Yugoslavia (yes there was a country once upon a time called Yugoslavia), Soviet Union (remember that, too?), Italy all went down.

People danced on the streets, the whole country just … stopped for a moment or two to grasp the reality. And the music, ah, the music. The final countdown by Europe, nice song from the german band set the rhythm for the celebrations.

I only hope that we will be able to repeat that feat in soccer, as well, and celebrate to the tunes of the “Final Countdown” once more. Till then, … Czechs be ware of the Greeks.

Δεν μπορώ να περιμένω, φέρτε το … (το τιμημένο)

Ioannis, 20040701141000

Update: Almost 4 years later, I got a comment (see below) that Europe are not from Germany, but from Sweden. As the saying goes: “it’s better late than never”. 🙂



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