Summer Timetable


It’s a very warm 33 degrees Celcius (that’s about 88 deg. on the Fahrenheit scale) here in Patras, Greece. Euro2004 football is on the telly from Portugal, the Italians were given their tickets back home (compliments of Scandinavian air-lines, eer …, sorry, I meant Sweden and Denmark), and who cares about work? The outdoor cafes and bars and restaurants are filled to capacity, there is a buzz in the air, people chatting, having fun, relaxing. No worries about the office tomorrow, the economy, the Olympics (yeah, right!). Nothing.

That brought to mind a picture I was sent to a couple of days ago from a friend. source is unknown, as is the author/maker of the picture. It fits perfectly though with the general atmosphere of euphoria, this “feelin’ good” thing…

Is there a better way to spend your day in the office? I think not.

Ioannis, 20040622003500


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